Insurance for Business Traders

Public liability insurance for a sole trader is usually an optional feature of a full-service insurance policy for traders. However it is an important feature to consider if you are looking at protecting your business against claims from clients or customers. In many cases these claims can be costly. There is no such thing asRead more

Guide To Hiring An Accountant

There are many accounting professionals operating in every major urban centre, town or city. If you need any type of accounting service, therefore, you can easily make a list of around a dozen competent accountants who can offer the service you require. Ideally, you should not rush to pick an accountant because all the accountantsRead more

How Much Does SEO Cost Monthly?

The question is often asked, how much does SEO cost monthly, and if it’s worth the monthly investment? The answer to that question can vary from site owner to site owner, and from SEO specialist to SEO specialist. The reason you should spend on search engine optimisation is to get your site to the topRead more

Establishing Business Goals

Establishing business goals is one of the key components of creating a financial model that will yield profit. There are many business plans out there and each one of them has its own methodology for setting business goals. While it is certainly possible to set a business goal and work backwards from there, there isRead more

How To Promote A New Business

There are many ways of promoting a new business, but some are more effective than others. Some promotional methods are also cheaper than others, so business owners need to consider all their options when searching for the best marketing strategy. the following are simple ways of marketing a new business: 1. Online Marketing Since mostRead more

Five Tips To Get Your Home Loan Approved

No, lenders are not waiting for you to come by and borrow their money to buy a new house. Buying a house involves serious money, which makes home loan transactions risky. And banks or other financial situations aren’t too willing to lend money to any individual seeking the loan. In reality, most home loan applicationsRead more

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