3D Animation from Avid Integrated

AVID Integrated is a 3D product animation firm with a rich background in industrial design. Its thorough understanding of its job and streamlined approach helps the company present the key selling points and benefits of a product from an engineering, manufacturing, design, marketing, sales, assembly, and usage perspective. AVID’s workforce comprises professionals with varied product design skillsets. Besides 3D, AVID can also handle projects with 2D animation requirements, along with CAD modelling and voice-over/music jobs.

Presentation is Key

Presentation is critical in the business of marketing and selling or making someone believe in what you’re selling. AVID Integrated is wary of the key role presentation plays and therefore incorporates some of the finest imagery and videos in its 3D product animations. The images boast photorealistic quality and would suit any audience and industry.

Photorealism is usually identified with big-budget productions. AVID offers you the same at a much affordable price. Not to mention, those animations could be customised to your industry or presentation requirements.

The videos AVID makes could be used for sales, education and demonstration. The company understands the features that must be shown and how so that they increase your conversion rates to the maximum. A solid presentation also helps clearly communicate your product’s benefits to your potential clients and customers.

Why 3D Product Animation?

More than 70 percent of the content online incorporates video in some way or the other. And conversion rates are much better when there’s a video involved. When you use video, potential customers are likely to trust your offering. Not to mention, search engines love video content. Videos make customers spend more time on your web page, which sends positive vibes about your site to search engines.

Why AVID Integrated?

AVID isn’t the only company offering 3D animation services. However, there are certain attributes that help the company stand out from its competition, and that reflects in its work too.

AVID believes in the adage ‘customer is king’ and therefore works completely based on what the customer requirements are. Whether your requirements revolve around a technical explanation or cinematic product, AVID would offer you exactly what you want.

AVID stays updated with the most recent trends, technologies and innovations to ensure its service and deliverables speak for themselves.

How It Works?

If you contact AVID for your 3D product animation project, the company would make it a point to first talk to you and discuss your requirements in detail. After having learnt your needs, AVID would then brief you through the whole process, explain how things work, and what the results would be like.

This initial interaction would be your only input for the project. Once AVID gathers and assimilates information, it gets rolling with the task. And since there are multiple professionals working on your project at the same time, you can expect the delivery to take place as quickly as possible.