Car Care Tips

Maintain Your Vehicle In Pristine Condition By Following These Car Care Tips

While it is impossible to keep your car in showroom condition, you can keep it in pristine condition and save on useless expenses by following the car care tips mentioned below.

The Exterior
The exterior of your vehicle is exposed to dust and the elements throughout the year. While it is difficult to protect its body while driving it, you can protect it, when not in use, by keeping it inside a garage. If you do not access to a car shed, cover your car with a car cover. They are made from soft polyvinyl sheets and protect the exterior of your vehicle from dust and the elements when not in use. Although you can get custom built covers for most vehicles, on certain occasions you might have to get a custom built car cover. You should also apply car wax on the exterior of your vehicle to keep it shiny and smooth. You should also wipe the windscreen of your vehicle on a regular basis.

Maintain correct tire pressure
It is important to maintain tire pressure to an optimal level. Apart from increasing its durability, it also increases mileage per gallon of gas. Check the pressure of your car’s tire once per month using a special meter for new tires and once per week for old tires. You can also check the pressure of your car’s tire at the gas station. If you have any doubt about the correct tire pressure, check the manual that came along with your car.

The engine
Get your car’s engine checked by a professional at regular intervals. You can d this task by yourself if you have knowledge about it. When purchasing a new car, you will get a warranty, which allows you to get your car checked by the dealer on a periodical basis. You do not have to pay any money for such checkups.

Check the battery
Always check the battery to ensure that it contains enough water. If the level of water falls, it can damage the plates inside the battery. You should also check the specific gravity of the water inside the battery. If it falls below a certain level, you will have to get it charged using a special device.

Engine oil level
Check the engine oil level every now and then. This oil plays an important role by lubricating the parts inside the engine. If its level falls, it can damage the engine. In extreme cases it can even damage the engine permanently.

Keep an eye on the dashboard
The dashboard contains meters that display the level of fuel, the level of engine oil, and the battery’s condition. By keeping an eye on these gauges, you can take preventive action before any damage takes place.