How To Get More Real Instagram Followers

The internet took off rather fast when it first became accessible to the general public. One of the things that people really loved about it was how you could keep in touch with people so easily through chat rooms and email. When social media first started becoming popular, it provided internet users with an even easier way to keep in touch with friends and family and to even make new friends and acquaintances. Quite a few of these social media companies went on to become widely used by millions around the world and continue to grow. Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites on the planet with one billion users from all walks of life and it’s still growing every day.

Instagram is similar to other social media websites in that it allows users to connect with others and share via their individual profiles. The difference between Instagram and most social sites is that the main idea behind the site is to share photos with captions. While the site is relatively easy to use, many users claim that it is hard to get followers. Fake accounts are rampant and when the site eliminates these fake accounts, this causes regular users to see a massive drop in followers. While this can be frustrating, especially for those who rely on Instagram to gather a customer base for a blog, service or product they are trying to promote, there are simple ways to start getting more instagram followers.

Nathan from Foundr Mag says The first thing to consider when trying to get more instagram followers is the photos you are posting. Always take quality photos, edit them before posting and use filters that match the content. Don’t post too often but also don’t post to infrequently. Find a happy medium based on trial and error. Try to post during peak times so more users see your content. Also, try not to post too much of the same thing but try to at least somewhat stick with a theme. If possible, post a range of pictures that include photos of people, pets, products, events and landscapes to keep things interesting.

Everything you post should have a caption explaining what is happening in the photo. Adding a contest, conducting a user poll or asking for opinions are also ways to engage with a potential audience. Make sure to link your account with other social media accounts when possible, add your website or blog to your profile bio and be choosy in who you follow and allow to follow you.